IELTS Study Plan


IELTS is one of the most famous tests for examination of your English test and for that you must have a batter study plan to getting high band score. below is the step to batter IELTS study plan.

A. Know about the test

  • Type
  • Format
  • Content
  • Timing
  • Scoring

B. Prepare for the test

  • Approximately 3 weeks
  • At least 4 hours a day
  • One hour for each section
  • Reliable practice material
  • Test your existing knowledge
  • Know about your weak points
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Improve your skills

C. A day before the exam

  • Take a break
  • Close all the books
  • Organize your documents
  • Be confident
  • Believe in yourself
  • Sleep well

(1) IELTS Listening plan

  • 1 hour a day
  • Listen and solve 1 audio script from IELTS past papers (Cambridge series is reliable one)
  • Check the answers and mark yourself
  • Also, listen to some English documentary daily for 20-30 minutes
  • Listen to those things you are really interested in
  • Try listening to both the monologues and conversation between two or more persons

(2) IELTS Reading plan

  • One hour a day
  • Do one IELTS past paper on a daily basis
  • Strictly follow the time allowed (1 hour)
  • Check answers and mark yourself
  • Read some interesting articles daily for 20 minutes
  • Try to increase your reading speed
  • Skim and scan for the important things you read in an article

(3) IELTS Writing plan

  • Spend an hour daily on writing
  • Write your task 1 exactly within 20 minutes and task 2 within 40 minutes including proofreading
  • Strictly follow the timings
  • Know the structure for each type of question in both tasks (Watch lessons on all structures in our previous lessons)
  • Read sample answers for improving yourself

Task 1:

Practice each type of question one by one:

1. Data description:
Solve at least 10 data questions from past papers
2. Process description:
Solve at least 10 process question from past papers
3. Map description:
Describe 5 maps from past papers

Task 2:

Practice each type of question one by one:

1. Opinion essay(agree/disagree):
2. Discussion essay:
3. Problem/solution essay:
4. Advantage/disadvantage essay:
5. Double/direct questions:
practice writing 5 essays on each type of question from past papers – one essay daily.

Speaking plan

  • Practice at least an hour a day
  • Speak for about 2 minutes on a cue card topic from past papers and record your voice
  • Listen to yourself and rectify your mistakes
  • Practice speaking on common topics with someone daily
  • Try to be in an English speaking environment as much as is possible for you


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