IELTS Speaking Part 2: Something New or Exciting Thing


Speaking Part 2

Practice Method #1

We have Two Practice Methods of IELTS Speaking Part 2. The first is record transcribe correct repeat both of these practice methods you can do without a partner.

Record -> Transcribe -> Correct -> Repeat

1. Record yourself talking about a topic (2 minutes).

2. Listen to your recording and write down or type everything you say this is called transcribing. Also, mark any words you think you might have mispronounced that means made a mistake you’re saying it.

3. Your transcription is all of your writing that you did from what you said before.

4. Repeat this process from Step 1 for a maximum of three recordings. So, you’re recording yourself. You’re writing down everything you said then you’re checking for any mistakes and fixing your mistakes and then you’re recording yourself again so you’re getting this multiple practices.

Practice Method #2

The other way that you can practice IELTS Speaking part two by yourself.

Listen -> Memorize -> Record -> Correct -> Repeat

1. Listen to my recording(notice that it’s not perfect, this is my normal speech and I only took one minute to make notes).

2. Try to memorize my recording, including the “um”s, the pauses, the intonation, etc.

3. After you’ve memorised it, record yourself and compare the two recordings.

4. Try to fix any mistakes that you make.

5. Repeat this process from step one up to three times.

These are two ways you can practice. You can choose one of them for today.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample Question

Describe something you think is exciting.

  • What other feelings that thing can give people?
  • And say how it compares to other things that people usually find exciting?

Typically in an IELTS Speaking test, you have one minute to make notes for this question and then they’ll ask you to speak for one to two minutes when practising.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample Answer

The Recording Part 1

My sample answer, If you’d like to listen. So, I’d like to talk about the first time that I went surfing. I did this in Hawaii and Waikiki Beach and I think it was about two years ago, maybe, in the summer.

I took surfing lessons while I was there and so a group of people came to or went to, Waikiki Beach and there was an instructor who taught us the basics of surfing and then, we went out into the ocean to try and catch a wave.

The Recording Part 2

I did this activity together with, a few of my friends that were living in Hawaii at the time and they didn’t grow up there so they hadn’t learned how to surf either. So altogether, it was about five of us taking this class trying to learn how to surf.

Definitely wasn’t an easy time but it was a lot of fun.

I think, the reason that this activity was so exciting for me, was because I had never at that point, like, really get up on a surfboard before.

I had seen other people do it. and also looked really cool, you see it in the movies and on television and stuff like that but to actually catch a wave and stand up, even just for a second, This feeling was really amazing.

The Recording Part 3

That was most of that activity. You know, the activity wasn’t perfect. I went away with a huge sunburn.

But overall, it was – something really memorable and something that… when I hear the word exciting, surfing is definitely one of the first things I think about.

I haven’t tried again since, but, you know, sometimes if the time is right and the season is right, I’d definitely like to give it another shot.

Your assignment

1. Choose either practice method one or two.

2. Do this practice method right now because if you do this your English will improve.

3. If you’ve done this practice then be happy because your English is improving and your IELTS score will get better.

An Important Thing

1. You can practice lots and lots of topics.

2. You could record yourself reading a transcript and then compare your recording to a better speaker’s recording this is good for pronunciation.

3. You could also memorize someone else’s speaking and then try to repeat it. and find the differences in their recording and your recording.

4. And then there are many more…

Your Assignment

1. Listen to my recording.
2. Try to memorize my recording, including the “um”s, and the pauses, and the intonation that means going up and down with your voice and all of that stuff. Try to do it exactly as I do it.
3. After you’ve memorized it, record yourself and compare the two recordings.
4. Finally, try to fix any mistakes you make.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample Question

Explain something that was more important in your life.

  • Where you go it from
  • How long you have it
  • What purpose you use for;
  • and explain why it’s important for you.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample Answer

The Recording Part 1

I’d like to talk about a watch that I received from my grandfather on my 13th birthday.

So,  my grandfather gave this watch to me, um… kind of to signify me becoming an adult. 13 birthdays are a big important part of my culture and so this was a present from him to me.

It was his watch previously and he decided to pass it on to me when I turned 13. So that’s how I got it… where I got it from.

The Recording Part 2

Well, I’m a little bit older now so I’ve had it for at least 10 years.

And I don’t use it so much anymore but I do keep it as a memento. It’s something I just… I hang on to and I usually take it with me when I moved to new places so I don’t wear it on my wrist or anything like that because I don’t want to mess it up. I don’t want to scratch it.

But I do keep it in a safe place where if I want to remember something from that time or just kind of take a look at it, I can always find it and it’s always in really good condition.

The Recording Part 3

And I think this watch is particularly important to me because it helps me remember those times I spent when I was younger with my grandfather and grandmother.

We had a big family so we used to have birthday parties at their house almost every weekend.

I had tons of cousins and I have a lot of good memories spending time with them and, you know, both of them have passed away now but this watch is something that helps me remember the great times I had back then and all of my wonderful memories and so it’s a really nostalgic item for me and yeah, that’s why it’s important to me.


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